Hey, I’m Logan Mortimer. I’m based in Melbourne where I work at Xero as a Lead Engineer. There I build products for small business owners. I’m interested in all sorts of software concepts including Resilience Engineering, Functional Programming, Cellular Automata, and just about everything to do with DevOps.

I’m a hobby photographer, enthusiastic coffee drinker, and all around book devourer. I’m originally from Dunedin in the south of New Zealand. There I worked for a genomic biotech startup. I’m still interested in RNQ-Seq and the black hole of sequence alignment. While in Dunedin I had the fortune of dark skies and an aurora-friendly latitude. I did a lot of astro photography and enjoyed chasing the aurora.

On this blog I write a mix of software development, photography, poetry, and books. Generally it’s what I’ve been learning, reading, seeing, and doing. I shoot with a Sony a7rii and use a Sony 24-105mm lens for general photography, and a Samyang 14mm lens for astro photography. More recently I’ve been shooting film on an Olympus OM-1.

Get in touch by sending me an email @ logan@isthisit.nz.