Orionid Meteor Shower Over Tekapo

October 19 2017 · photos tekapo astro timelapse meteor

A couple of timelapse videos I took of the Orionid Meteor Shower while at Tekapo. Photos were shot on the Sony α7ii with the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens. Stills from the timelapse app were processed in Lightroom and assembled into video using ffmpeg. The videos are rendered at 1920x1080 so view them full screen.


Taken between midnight and 1:30am. Stills exposed for 15 seconds at f/2.8, ISO 6400. 3 seconds between each shot.


Taken between 11pm and 2am. Stills exposed for 8 seconds at f/2.8, ISO 8000. 3 seconds between each shot.

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